A product for every pocket at Atoll

Every product we design at every price point has to have that bit of magic called musicality.

So what is the USP for Atoll products? We would say up to the minute specs such as real dual mono amps with extra large PSU storage, mos-fet output stages and best of all a great sound and great value for money.

The Prestige Range

IN200 SIGNATURE Integrated Amplifier, 120W / Ch

IN300 SIGNATURE Integrated Amplifier, 150W / Ch




Atoll Prestige series comprises of a superb CD player, integrated amplifier and a pre-power amplifier.

Offering true dual monoblock performance, both the integrated and separate power amp are equipped with 2x330VA transformers and 60,000uF of storage whilst the pre-amplifier has a 330VA transformer and 30,000uF of storage.

These high spec products enable the most demanding pieces of music to be played at realistic levels with incredible finesse and musicality.




Also available is the matching CD Player CD200SE2 with the ability to used the integral DAC for external digital sources.


The Reference Range





The Atoll Reference products are a collection of CD Players , Integrated Amplifiers and Pre-Power Combinations that offer oustanding performance, musicality and exceptional value.

Of particular interest is the IN100SE integrated amplifier and matching AM100SE power amplifier. Both of these products offer Dual Transformer pure monoblock performance at an incredible price.

Also available is the matching range of CD Players with DAC inputs to serve external digital sources.


Atoll DACs





Also available is the DAC100 SE and DAC200 products. The DAC 100 has been upgraded with a volume control on the optional remote and a 24bit/192k USB-B input.

The DAC200 is a new design for music lovers who want exceptional clarity and musicality. The DAC200 is also equiped with a volume control so a pre-amp may not be required.


Phono Stages

New for 2018 PH100 Phono Stage with upgraded internal dual mono PSU. Available in Black or Alu.Both Capacitance and Resistancecan be adjusted.






Atoll amplifiers can all be upgraded with a P100 MM/MC phono stage which slots onto the main board in seconds.