These award winning products are designed for the musical lover who wants wants a satisfying musical experience.

DACs are more than just a digital to analogue converter:. They are a digital hub capable of working with a wide variety of sources. Computers, DVD players , CD transports, DAB tuners or even an old CD Player with digital out can all be routed through a DAC with great results.

Atoll has two DAC's in the portfolio plus a DSD DAC & BLUETOOTH  card which will fit IN200/300 & PR300 products.

Atoll DAC 200

For those customers who want the best but not necessarily the most expensive the DAC 200 is the way to go. Exemplary form, function and value for money.




  • Burr Brown PCM1792 DACs with 24bit/192k upsampling - 
  • 129dB dynamic range; 
  • THD+n<0,0004% 
  • 2 XLR + 2 RCA outputs. 2 Coax + 1 AES + 3 optical inputs. 
  • 1 USB 24bit / 192k port 
  • Volume Control
  • Symmetrical power transformers for output stages  
  • Output stages with discrete components and no feedback 
  • High technology MKP Capacitors 
  • Serial remote with volume control and sources selection 
  • Front panel with volume control  
  • Digital display of volume level & sources 


Atoll DAC 100 SE

The sound and the spec are both exemplary and offer an affordable choice for the discerning listener.




  • 2 independent transformers (One for analogue circuits one for digital circuits)  
  • 7 regulated supplies  
  • D/A Converters: BURR BROWN PCM1796  
  • Output stages with discrete components without feedback  
  • MKP Capacitors  
  • Optical and coaxial inputs:  
  • Upsampling to 24bit / 192kHz  
  • USB input: 24bit / 96kHz  
  • Volume control wth remote.
  • Dimensions (wxdxh ): 320x210x60 mm  
  • 3 optical Inputs   
  • 1 stereo analog. Output  
  • 3 coax. Inputs  
  • 1 optical Output  
  • 1 coax. Output  
  • Available in black or silver finish  


Atoll Digital SPDiff Card

This card turns all Atoll integrated amplifiers and pre-amps into a device capable of reciving uncompressed digital stream up to 24bit / 96k.